Active Audience in Campaign Design


Audience has become more and more important in recent advertising campaign. In fact they would be beneficial to create a powerful campaign.

In my home country, Indonesia, some brands has used the interactive approach to create a product campaign.

Example of active audience in recent advertising in Indonesia is the “Ini ceritaku apa ceritamu (this is my story what’s yours)” by one of Indonesian instant noodle brand, Indomie (

Indomie is a brand leader for instant noodle in Indonesia. But in recent years, there are more competitors that challenge Indomie’s popularity. So to strengthen it’s position, Indomie has to create a campaign using it’s own strength to make a deeper bond with it’s consumers.

Indomie has been around Indonesia family for over 3 decades. We could say every single person in Indonesia know Indomie and has consume it at least once in their life. Some of them even consume Indomie in a regular basis. Some have relationship, stories and experience about Indomie in their life.

Indomie created the “Ini ceritaku apa ceritamu (this is my story what’s yours)” campaign. Indomie made an announcement to its consumers to send stories about their relationship and experiences with Indomie. The best stories will feature in the next Indomie’s commercial series.

It’s became big and Indomie received hundreds of stories trough emails or post mails. This became dialogue between Indomie and its consumers.


Translation: Everybody have their own Indomie story. What’s yours? Send to:

If we google with keyword: ini ceritaku, apa ceritamu, there will be numerous posts, blogs or websites that try to make their or version of Indomie commercials. Some of them seriously done but some of them are just the parody versions. (

This is an example of chosen story that became Indomie commercial


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