What Would a Doodle Do?

Sometimes we got stuck on what to do while designing. What the first shape we have to create, where to put it, and than…what next?

Doodling originally define as to draw aimlessly while we are at an idle moment and our focus of attention is elsewhere (1). It can be when we got bored while waiting for the bus, in the class, on a seminar or even on a meeting. Doodling help us relieve from boredom and even frustration. But today I think doodle can be define as free drawings that could lead us to get some ideas. Sometimes, I get ideas for my project by drawing randomly with my pencil on my sketchbook.

Sketching is an outline or general delineation of anything; a first rough or incomplete draught or plan of any design, also, a preliminary study for an original work (2). Sketching in design can be a rough drawing of shapes, layout or illustration.

There are some differences in doodling and sketching, but I think doodling and sketching become more and more similar these days. In case someone like to ask why I use “Doodle” instead of “Sketching” as the title of this blog post. 😀

Sketching (or doodling) has become a tool to dig ideas.

Do we have to make sketches on a book with a pencil or any other drawing tools, rather than create designs straight on the computer? First thing is for me, I prefer sketching because it is less time consuming. My age-old (but vintage) laptop takes minutes to boot up and another minutes to open a single graphic software. If I sketch, I just have to open my sketchbook and than use my pencil and start sketching.

Sketching also easy. You don’t have to be good in drawing, as long as you can communicate your idea in your sketch. You don’t have to make perfect shapes, perfect colors, perfect typography, or a perfect layout. You just have to focus on the ideas.

Sketching is not only for finding ideas, but also a way of exploring the idea. You can create multiple options of your design. There a no limitation on how many sketches you have to make. You can make dozens sketches to find the best idea you like the most.

I do sketches for almost all of projects I have done. Because most of the time when I didn’t make sketches for my design, I ended up staring at the monitor for hours, thinking what to do. Sketching helps me find ideas easier. Sometime I sketch several rough layout or design and pick one that I think is the better one. I have some sketches for my projects back home, sadly I don’t bring it so I can only put a couple of my recent projects sketches.


sketching for an illustration project


MilkyWay-1 MilkyWay-3 MilkyWay-30

sketching for a book project


(1) http://doodle-day.epilepsy.org.uk/doodle-meanings/

(2) http://www.brainyquote.com/words/sk/sketch220202.html




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