Studio Project: Paste Up Layouts

24 November at communication design studio we travelled back time when graphic designers haven’t possessed the luxury of computer graphic software. We created layouts in an old school way using printed words, grid paper, cutter and ruler. We were given 1 sentence with same typefaces but in 3 different forms. The first 2 are in the same type size but different weight, and the last one is twice the type size of the first 2. We had to make several poster layout alternatives using Swiss Design principles of an exhibition held at Winchester Gallery.

As a start, we analyzed content of the sentence. We read through the words and used what, where, who, where questions to determine which information should be passed first and create a visual hierarchy. Deep understanding, enable designer to break the copy into several part of information.

First layout uses 1 signal, which is return.


Second layout uses 2 signals, which are columns and return.


Third layout use 3 signals, which are columns, return, and type weight.


Following layouts are alternatives using different type sizes to create hierarchy.







Those alternatives don’t have to be perfect layouts. The point is, using paste up method, enable us to create alternatives quickly. If anything doesn’t seem right we can change the layout instantly and find the best one.


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