3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology steps further to perfection each day. Enable enormous possibilities for designers to create new inventions. Designers currently possess freedom to create complex, multifunctional design that probably impossible to create with traditional methods such as molding and casting.


3D printing technology helps designers to test their design through high fidelity prototypes produced with 3D printer. The technology enables designers to print prototypes that look like final products. Prototyping with 3D printer would be less expensive and taken less time to produce. Moreover, in user experience based design, designers receive feedbacks from users almost instantly using final-product-like prototype, enable designers to accomplish exceptional final design faster.


Imagine if one day, it would be possible to use 3D printing technology for industrial mass productions. Cut the production line, from designers straight to the factories. If one day such technology enable cheap and fast production, but also can be used to directly print various materials or even fabrics. Imagine a printer for mass production of jeans. From printer cartridges into ready to wear jeans trousers.

One specific exhibit I found interesting when I was visiting 3D Printing Technology exhibition at Science Museum, London is The Liberator Gun. A gun created by a journalist using 3D printer. I don’t know who inspired who, but I found conceptual similarities between The Liberator Gun with guns used by the guards in X-Men movies to avoid Magneto power 🙂



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