As I wrote on my earlier blog post, sketching is beneficial, if not significant for designers to gain fast ideation. On 27 October, MACD students learn to sketch in a faster way. Loosen the sketching muscles and prevailed our inner artistic skills 😀 . More importantly, we learned to sketch directions, hand movements, hand gestures, and visual guide on certain objects.


First sketches are to draw several straight lines and then create random objects. This activity is to relax the wrist, ready for next tasks.


Arrows are essential to visual guide designs. Moreover, in ideations, arrows take a large part on communicating our ideas. So the second task is to draw arrows in various ways, shapes, and dimensions.


Next are human figures and capital letters. Not just figures, but also figures in several activities. Letters also created in several dimensions.



We were given several objects, and asked to create guidance sketches on how to use the items. Drawing the items affordances guidance.


Last task is to make a group with other students seating next to us and discuss ideas on creating mobile app designed to improve real world human interactions. Create ideas with sketches and annotations. Some students came up with brilliant ideas in a short amount of time, thanks to rapid sketching.


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