In 2013, Anthony Dunne in his lecture called Speculative Everything, talked about preferable future. He stated that preferable future used mostly by the industry, but also stated that designers should take part of the discussion about what kind of future we’d like.

Critical designs enable possible movements in design world. Not just accepting what has been there and become pro status quo. Jonathan Ive would not design the iPhone like what we see today if he was not using critical design. We can see, he took a major leap in the mobile phone design.


In movie industry, Stanley Kubrick, created a movie called “2001: The Space Odyssey”. A movie that cleaned up Oscar and BAFTA awards for the best art direction in 1968 for their designers, Anthony Masters, Harry Lange and Ernest Archer. This movie not only show us how live in space would look like, but also exhibit visionary designs.



Critical design can be a catalyst, to trigger imaginations from other fields of expertise. Anthony Dunne paraphrased David Kirby’s quote in his book Lab Coats in Hollywood “The role of experts in cinemas is not to prevent the impossible, but to make impossible acceptable ”. Having discussions with other experts able to make our design plausible.


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