On several occasions, we found that combining an idea with another idea would create a better idea. Ideation process for my Smart Recycle Bins project through sketches provides me a number of ideas. Several ideas would be more interesting in my opinion if combined into 1 design.

For example, the Clothes Vending Machine Bin combines with Organic Tree Bin and Trash Pitch Bin, resulting 1 big recycle bin.


Another example is if I combine Garbage Tracker Robot with Repair Robot resulting repairing robot with location tracker. Someone who wants to throw away his/her electronic device will tag his/her location with a mobile app than the robot will come to get the item. It would be more interesting if I put a device to scan if the electronic item is still usable or need repairmen or if it’s unusable.


Making Good Use of Unused City Space

PHS Pops-up Garden

According to one of smart city characteristic is smart environment. This characteristic can be obtained by many ways. In 2011, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society created fresh organic garden on an empty lot in downtown Philadelphia. Provided the city with fresh vegetables. The garden also attracted visitors who attended tours and educational sessions. This idea transforms an unused space into not only a usable and interesting area but also into a productive area that help its citizens.


Actually using an unused city space for agricultural use is not a new concept. In Indonesia’s largest city and capital, Jakarta, as a result of economic crisis in 1997, which created a large number of unemployment, the government let the citizens used empty and unproductive spaces to grow agriculture products. The new “farmers” grow mostly vegetables for their own consumption or to sell them in the traditional market. It proved to be beneficial for the citizen to help them through the hard period.





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