FMP Week 2 : Natural Disaster History in the UK

Earthquakes are among the most deadly natural hazards. There are around 100 earthquakes each year of a size that could cause serious damage (British Geological Survey, 2015). UK does have a history of earthquakes. The largest one was the 1931 North Sea earthquake recorded at 6.1 Richter in magnitude that caused damages in 71 different places, mostly along the E coast of England. The strongest effects were observed at Filey, Bridlington, Beverley and Hull (British Geological Survey, 2015).

Other natural disasters also occurred in UK. Through history, we found a large number of disasters. The last several decades, however, UK mostly experienced storms and floods with a number of extreme winters, heat waves, droughts, and even tornadoes.

Martin Bell (2012) stated that Natural disasters are more frequent, and their effects more destructive, than at any time in recorded history. People are more vulnerable than they used to be, and children are the most at risk of all. As a world organization, UNICEF is increasingly becoming active pre-disaster, raising awareness of the dangers and making plans to reduce their impact. He also stated that every pound spent in disaster prevention can save four pounds in disaster relief.



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