FMP Week 4 : Data Collection Resources

To create a good design, we have to gather a fair amount of data regarding problems that we would like to resolve, through conducted research. The data can be gathered using several data collection or research methods. Primary and secondary resource can be used to gather required information regarding the subject. Not only we can find actual problems, that can be different than what we have assumed before, with the research, it will also provide possible solutions for the particular problems.

However, looking for resources for my primary source research is arguably hard. I have contacted several people and councils, but the results are not as good as I expected. First, I have contacted a professor to have a permission to access his previous project but haven’t got a respond. He is very busy, I assumed.

The Second one is the British Geological Survey. The result is same the previous resource, I have received no respond. The third one is the British Red Cross, who kind enough to reply my email, and ask me to check on their website if I want to gather required information as they are receiving too many enquiries from students. The same result I received from Disaster Action who replied me with a web link to a register on UK government website called National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies, which is actually a good source of information.

I have also contacted the Southampton City Council to get information whether they have a children education specialist or not. As usual, just like Winchester City Council whom I contacted during Design 2 project, a city council need 20 days to respond and give me the information. So, in the meantime, I probably still have to gather information from my collection of articles, journals and books.


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