FMP Week 5 : To Change or Not to Change

On my previous blog post, I wrote about UK’s natural disaster history. Based on the data, we found that UK does have the risk of experiencing natural disasters. However, not intend to downplay the suffering of the victims, UK natural disasters are far much smaller comparing to other regions. UK is probably the safest area on the planet, regarding natural disaster. UK never experienced catastrophic events. This is probably why, based on my research, it is so hard to find activities held to educate people, and especially children, to raise awareness on natural disaster in UK. Awareness programs usually held to educate people in UK about disasters in other countries and that the UK people are capable to help the victims through charities and humanitarian missions. Furthermore, I found that emergency service bodies in UK concentrate more on helping people around the world with their programs.

Thinking about the facts, I wonder is it possible if I change my users from children in UK to children in other countries or areas. Also on one of my previous blog post I mentioned about enormous risk held by Indonesia regarding natural disaster. Contrary to the UK, Indonesia, probably potentially the most dangerous place on the planet. My tutor, Andy, on our meeting last Monday said something that open a new perspective in my head. He said, “a disaster could be happened tomorrow morning in Indonesia, right?”. Yes, I know that Indonesia possess a great risk of natural disaster, but yet, even I never realize it could be happened anytime without notice. Therefore, Indonesians have to be always prepared of what will happen.

MANADO, 15/7 - LOKON MELETUS.  Gunung Lokon di Tomohon menyemburkan lava pijar dan abu vulkanik  setinggi 1500 meter di Tomohon, Sulawesi  Utara, Jumat ( 15/7) pagi.  Pada saat ini status Gunung  masih awas dan warga yang berada di radius 3-5 km telah diungsikan, guna mencegah jatuhnya korban dan hal yang tidak diinginkan dari dapak letusan tersebut. FOTO ANTARA/Jemmy/roel/Spt/11.

Mount Lokon eruption. – source:

Mount Sinabung eruption. – source:

Aceh tsunami. – source:

However, in my opinion, Indonesia is still lacking on programs to educate people to aware about the situation. I have also quoted an article that said children are the most affected as victims of natural disasters, and yet, children in Indonesia also among the least educated and aware of the potential events.

Furthermore, I am aware that I have to find some proper backings for my opinion. So, I must go back to my research. Hopefully, I will not wasting too much time to decide whether to change the users area or not.


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