FMP Week 8 : The Last Week of Guidance

FMP Workshop for this week is about 6 words story. We have to produce a single picture and 6 words that can describe our project. The pictures and words show how we understand our own project, and can communicate our project to other people in a short sentence.


Apart from the workshop, the last tutorial session has been done during the week. The session was to finalize our plan of what we are going to produce as the final outcomes. For me, the outcomes would be games, info materials of the games, and a box to wrap those products so it can be easier to carry or to be sent. I will produce videos as reflective report and background of the project, also posters as visualization of what I found during research.

Starting at week 9 we have to work by ourselves without the guidance of our tutors. Our time management is vital for this period. We have to set our own target and keep progressing.

Fortunately, English language support tutor still available to guide us to finalize research question. On FMP Week 1 blog post, I wrote about my research question which is “How a Design Can Influence Children Awareness to Reduce the Impact of Natural Disasters”. During tutorial weeks and research, finding more insights and opinions, I came up with what I thought was a better research question which is “How to Influence the Awareness of Children Age 6 to 12 Years Old in Indonesian Underdeveloped Areas to Reduce The Impact of Earthquake and Tsunami Events”. During discussion with the English tutor, we agreed to revise the research question to “How Can Communication Design (game) Generate Awareness and Preparedness of Natural Disasters Among Children (6-12 Years Old) in the Underdeveloped Areas of Indonesia”. In my opinion, this research question suits my project and will make people easily understand about it.


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