FMP WEEK 12 : Final Days for Final Major Project

Exciting yet intimidating. The day we all waiting for is coming. In the very near future (from this date), we all have to submit our Final Major Project works. After hard works for the last 2 month we are, at last, come to an end of the working period.


I have learned a lot working the project. During the process, I changed from vector graphic to watercolour illustration. However, it turned out to be time-consuming. This type of artwork was not as easy to produce as I imagine before. I had to rework my drawings, as I was not satisfied with the first ones I drew with ink outlines. On the other hand, designing gameplay that would not be too complex but still challenging for this age group is another test. Took more time to come to the decision that the aspect of these games is not just to teach children about natural disasters awareness and preparedness in an amusing way, furthermore, the games teach about cooperation and helping others during difficult times. Those are important values for children to learn that would be embedded and carried over when they grow up.

Learning from the experiences during the works, the only possibility is to progress. Moreover, it provides rooms for further improvements. I made several changes on research areas, and production process. Therefore, better time management is essential. I determine to develop this design by following special characteristics of each focused area, in term of culture, environment and habits, which would increase its value for the users. The most significant outcome of this project is how children can be aware and prepared of natural disasters from the early age. Therefore, they will carry their knowledge and always prepare for the worst.

The last product that I need to finish is a simple mechanical toy. It may look simple, but for me, it was a lot. I have to think about the mechanism. I don’t have any engineering back ground whatsoever, so, the simplest mechanical device would be hard enough for me. Let’s see if it works.

Come to our Final Major Project Show at Winchester School of Art to check our works.

IMG_5246 IMG_5247IMG_5240IMG_5241


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